MEXICOLLECTION was born for the love of Mexico and for the desire to bring part of its identity to the Czech Republic and into your home.

Every piece we offer to you has been handmade by Mexican artisans and personally selected with care and respect. In every case, we have tried to establish personal relationships with the artists from various regions of the country, so each piece has a face.

Far away from the cheap mass-produced goods, you will come across the dignity of the multiple expressions of Mexico in every article within our collection. When you acquire a Mexican handcraft, you can be sure you safeguard artisanal skills whilst preserving the heritage and traditions of local communities.

With love and commitment to Mexican craftsmanship, we hope to bring to you an engaging variety of small collections and traditional materials. Come, see for yourself and discover Mexico.

Fernanda Escobar

Whilst born in Mexico, I’ve lived in Europe for over 20 years now. A passionate of my country, of its history and its people, I decided to bring part of its essence to the Czech Republic and to you. Mexico is a country of contrasts and symbols, where magic is still part of every day’s life and the handicrafts I bring for you, are testimonies of that magic.

Unique pieces from Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Estado de México, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Querétaro and Jalisco, will hopefully tell you about my country, its people, and their love for life as well as their vision of the world.

I invite you to come and visit MEXICOLLECTION where I will personally tell you about every piece, hoping you will enjoy seeing our beautiful handicrafts and that you will feel in each piece you hold, the beating heart of Mexico.