Talavera Uriarte and Chiapas

Talavera Uriarte

Although the technique of glazed ceramic Talavera is originally from Spain, at present, the city of Puebla is the largest producer of ceramics of this kind in the world.

MEXICOLLECTION is proud to work together with Talavera Uriarte, offering a rich catalog of designs.

The company founded in 1824 is famous all over Mexico for their quality and unique pieces of art. Talavera Uriarte has a Designation of Origin (C4) to ensure its protection and every piece comes accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

Barro Uriarte
Process of Talavera
Man glazing Talavera
Pintura Uriarte


As the project of MEXICOLLECTION was born for the love of Mexico and the commitment to preserve the tradition of Mexican craftsmanship, we believe the artisans and local communities are our partners. At present, we are looking at participating in social projects with local communities of the Chiapas Highlands, a mountainous region of the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. Beautiful, mystical, culturally rich, but one of the most economically impoverished states of the country, we are looking to collaborate directly with the local communities. Not only acquiring their crafts directly, but also by participating as active partners in social projects which are taking place today.